The errors of the wet-dry shop vacuum

Household electrical appliances, including vacuum cleaners, often have problems after a long time of use, or they may have issues early when we misuse the device. The knowledgeable users are those who always learn the necessary knowledge about the equipment they are using to be able to anticipate and handle problems encountered during use. Repairing the wet-dry shop vacuum is not too difficult when we learn the errors of the vacuum cleaner. In today’s article, we will learn together the mistakes of the vacuum cleaner and the knowledge necessary to be able to fix it yourself at home.

Common vacuum cleaner errors

  • The wet-dry shop vacuum is weak

The first and often mentioned problem in vacuum cleaner faults is a soft running or a more fragile space than the original. When working, the vacuum cleaner will absorb almost all kinds of small dust on the floor to filter in dust bags and filters. The air is released after filtering almost clean dust. Therefore, the dust filter bag and filter very quickly clogged, leading to a reduced suction force. Regular cleaning of the suction line is the best way to keep the wet-dry shop vacuum.

  • The vacuum cleaner is hot

There are many reasons for the vacuum cleaner getting hot because the vacuum cleaner motor has a very high rotation speed to create a massive suction force. Therefore, when the engine is overloaded or continuous cooling will cause engine heat to increase rapidly. This is also a common fault of the wet-dry shop vacuum.

  • The vacuum cleaner is burnt

It is essential that you buy your family the best wet-dry shop vacuum, but how to use them to ensure it is even more critical. In the vacuum cleaner motor, there are always two devices to protect against overload, overheating, and short circuits to cut off the course when an incident occurs. Clogged suction lines, dirt sticking to the engine, jamming the shaft, reduced heat dissipation, short-circuiting are all causes of engine failure. Moreover, it also may ignite the vacuum cleaner when overheated and the protective devices malfunction.

  • The wet-dry shop vacuum cried out

The noise of a vacuum cleaner can be said to be unavoidable; almost every household vacuum cleaner has the same squeal and wind. This is a common feature of high-speed electric motors, in some vacuum cleaners with additional foam dampers, but it is not limited much. After a long time of use, due to several impact factors such as obstructed suction lines, dry oil shaft, increased impeller impurities, both lead to the louder wet-dry shop vacuum.

  • The vacuum cleaner does not run

This is one of the errors of the vacuum cleaner that is also common when using the wet-dry shop vacuum regularly. The cause comes from the electrical contact positions such as the outlet, power cord, the loop of the power coil, brush worn out, burnt fuse, faulty thermal relay, or damaged power switch.

  • The vacuum cleaner is foul

Using a wet-dry shop vacuum for a long time without cleanliness can lead to unpleasant odors every time you turn on space. If it is just dry dust and sand dust, it rarely smells, but when we suck many kinds of small organic waste scattered on the floor, after a few days will feel. At the same time, much dust attached to the weather will make the dust layer moist and create a foul odor.

  • Vacuum cleaner fluttering

Fluttering power on when the device is turned on will let us know in a particular contact position where bad contact occurs.

Use vacuum cleaner properly

The wet-dry shop vacuum is an electric device that malfunctions due to the performance characteristics of this device. When the dirt is sucked in and retained in the dust filter bag, which will quickly cause the dust filter and filter membrane to lead to suction weak. This is the reason which the engine gets hot, sounds louder, and consumes more power. Therefore, when using, we try to use it as accurately as possible. Here are some notes that will help the wet-dry shop vacuum work more stable and efficient.

  • Regular cleaning bag dust filter, membrane, and suction lines to attract the most potent force.
  • Must filter out large garbage before using the vacuum cleaner to avoid clogged pipes.
  • Do not turn on the machine continuously because the engine temperature increases rapidly. The wet-dry shop vacuum should have time to rest.
  • Clean the dust filter bag very carefully because the dust sticks to the fabric of the bag, so if only empty garbage, the filter bag is still clogged.
  • Should periodically check the motor part dusted by dust can even pass through the filter, and dirty motor leads to poor heat dissipation.
  • When used regularly, we should check the brush so it can be replaced promptly.

In conclusion

Above are some notes for the vacuum cleaner user to improve the life of the device, ensure stability, avoid the errors of vacuum cleaners. When encountering errors, users can self-fix at home when viewing details about each error. Hopefully, this article will help you in finding the best wet-dry shop vacuum for your family as well as know about the mistakes of the vacuum cleaner to fix.

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