The Best Groomsmen Gifts Worth Considering

There is nothing quite like watching your best friend get married. A change in the dynamic of things for sure, finding a gift that manages to show your friendship while providing some use is a must. And, if you can make it a great joke as well, then why not? Below we have 3 ideas you can choose when looking at the best groomsmen gifts worth considering.

1. Miniature Oak Barrel

A miniature oak barrel is perfect for a friend who enjoys a good drink and appreciates the process. Designed with a high degree of elegance and usability, miniature oak barrels are a solid addition to your aging process. The miniature size can be as small as a single liter with most places charging about $50 on the low end.

Perfect for tequila, whiskey, wine, or rum, a miniature oak barrel ages your spirits to perfection. Measuring in at under a foot in length, these miniature oak barrels are a perfect way to share a good time with your friend. Pour what you want to age before the wedding, let it age after, and celebrate a yearly anniversary. Another bonus of small oak barrels is that depending on the supplier, you can get it custom engraved as well to create a truly unique gift.

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2. Bobble Heads

Bobble heads are a great custom gift that provide the perfect touch of humor and personality. A bobble head of the groom shows that you care as well as are crafty enough to plan, get, and surprise the groom with it. A bobble head is also great because you can get one of both the groom and bride, as well as family or friends.

Scalable to your needs, the bobble head is relatively inexpensive compared to other groomsmen gifts worth considering. The quality will change depending on who you go with and cheaper is not always better, especially if you are having it made in the likeness of the groom. While it may take a little more work than other gifts, the end result is more than worth it.

3. Bottle Opener Tool Set

Last but not least, consider a custom toolset specifically designed for opening drinks. At around $25 a piece, you can get a wrench, pliers, hammer, or pinchers all hand made and custom forged in Japan. A solid present he will enjoy for decades to come, the bottle opener tool set will provide a long lasting symbol of your friendship.