pedestal table with chairs

pedestal table with chairs

Although mostly pedestal table is designed with rounded top and functioned as dining table, there are also some other designs and functions that you can find from this table. It is not surprising to find a rounded wood pedestal table in dining room which is featured with four dining chairs. The round shape synchronizes the square shape of the architecture design. It presents a nice statement for the dining room. It works well with some accessories, such as table lights and table cloth.

More Designs and Functions of Pedestal Table

Pedestal table is not only featured with rounded top. Similar to other common table, some tables work with oval and rectangular top. Oval table is also mostly used for dining furnishing. It accommodates more dining chairs. If you plan to have more than four chairs, this table design may be suitable for you. Besides, some creative design of this sort of table is in the form of table with leaf. Retractable leaf is added so that it can be expanded for wider table top space. Square or rectangular pedestal table is another popular design that you can find in some exemplary interiors with pedestal table. This table presents simpler look than the rounded and oval table. It is appropriate when added in small space or room because rectangular furniture is better in saving the space than any curved furniture. Different from the ordinary table with a single supporting leg, some rectangle table is supported with two and four legs. Based on the function, there are some pedestal table designs that you may find. It is unquestionable anymore when this table is used for dining furniture. It can be also used for coffee table. Most people prefer to have the rectangle table for this purpose. It can be the rectangular or square one. Rectangle shaped table seems to be more appropriate coffee table because they directly match the seating units surrounding. They also do not too many spaces. It is also more possible to add shelving unit because rounded or oval coffee table is mostly without storage. Another surprising design is pedestal accent table. The function is to give more space to keep and display things. It can be added at the corner of a room or space. It is also sometimes added next to seating unit or bed so that it is also called pedestal side table. The design concept of this pedestal table is almost the same with the common one, but it has smaller top size.

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