Best Air Impact Wrenches

Along with the active development of the industry, to help improve the prove the productivity and optimally work efficiency, the machines are also invested and developed, among which are Best Air Impact Wrenches.

Gun Air is a ubiquitous gun used for making it easier and more comfortable to remove and install locks. Knowing the structure and operating principles of air impact wrenches will help your work efficiency be increasingly improved.


Today there are many different concepts and names for Best Air Impact Wrenches, such as:

  • Bolt Clippers, also known as Bolt Wrenches, Bolt trimmers, Boltcutter guns, Screw guns, Bolt openers, Bolt cutters, Electric Torque Wrench.
  • Air Impact Wrenches, also known as screw openers, screwdrivers, or bolt tighters. Bolt wrenches are one of the most popular tools used, extremely familiar with the who regularly repairs machines and vehicles, etc. It designs like a gun, almost like a drill. When you use the device will create a significant source of rotation power to help turn open the big and firm screw.
  • Best Air Impact Wrenches is a specialized tool to remove or tighten nuts and bolts by pneumatic system widely used in the power generation industry, hardware manufacturing, carpentry, technology. Assemble, use for motorbike repair shops, screw open the scooter screw, tighten the screws of fasteners of automobiles, trucks, computers, tools, toy, and plastic furniture industry.

When the need to unscrew screws, bolts require excellent torque, high torque, then the use of hand force will not be enough to screw or open te screw bolts, but using specialized tools, unscrewing and removing pins.  Air Impact Wrenches is a gun with pneumatic, electric, is now quite popular. Almost all auto repair shops use specialized bolts guns and are more convenient to work.

The screw bolt is difficult to open, requires strong torque, not to mention the screw screws long on rust, then removing it is very difficult. So shopping for your motorbike repair shop with a screwdriver to unscrew the screws is indispensable.


The sniper rifle consists of a square disc used to mount the tube manufactured to inch to 1 inch, depending on the type of bolt you need to operate. There are also guns with square discs that are larger than 1 inch but very rare because they only use in the construction industry.

Bolt gun uses a simple rotor motor, from 4 to 7 small blades. Lubricants for figs run more smoothly, each product has a different choice of materials, but the most common is petroleum, while other devices use oil to lubricate some parts, with screwdrivers. Bolts, oil, and gas only used for the hammer system of the product.

Usually, the products have a torque effect on the hammer system directly from the engine; then, the hammer system transmits the shaft to the gun to operate. But there are also a couple of other designs that use a gear system placed in front of the hammer system, which works to help increase torque speed.

Clutch (hammer): structure consists of springs, spiral structure rotates the squadron. When the spring turns round, it will pass through the team. The team will now apply the thrust effect on the screw nut to rotate the screw head screw easily.

Principle of operation

Air Impact Wrenches operated by compressed air, so plug the compressed air line into the arm to start the process and perform the next steps.

This gun air is required to use the air compressor when injecting air into the screw gun, the gas will remain in the weapon, and you only need to press the button to activate the weapon.

Notes when using a Best Air Impact Wrenches:

When you have a job to complete with a pneumatic bolt gun, you have to make sure that the  Best Air Impact Wrenches you choose will help you get the most out of your work. To get the best choice of gun air, you need to consider some of the following issues:

Review the application

The most important thing is to make sure that the bolt tightening gun has the right tightening force, and depending on the type of bolt and the hardness of the lock, there will be a standard tightening force.

Because if tightening the bolt is too strong, it will burn the bolt and nut. If the force is not tight enough, the joint will loosen over time, affecting the working process and affecting other parts of the machine.

  • When removing the bolts should choose the largest, to give the most potent force.
  • When screwing in the nut, pay attention to adjust the gun number to the size of the screw, do not use the most significant amount when you screw the screw in, but choose the size.
  • When starting to use, pull the trigger a few times so that the force is most effective.
  • Do not set a large number when turning the small screws.
  • Check the operation and the power source, the power cord of the machine before use.
  • After use, clean dust on the device.
  • Equipping labor protection gear when operating the machine.

In conclusion

Best Air Impact Wrenches use in many fields. Once you know the screw gun and you still struggle to remove screws every day by standard equipment, consider not only low productivity, time-consuming, costly, effortless, and costly. The screwed-out screw icon broke, the head cut, etc. With the design that fits the user’s hand, easy to install, and remove the screws. You can use a pneumatic sniper gun to tighten any screws you want to adjust the size.

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