Best Designs of L Shaped Desk from the Simplest to the Most Elaborate

Small home is commonly not completed with a home office. One will only add a compact computer desk for their working space. It can be added in the living room or any room with remain space. However, if you have a special office in your home and you need to have more complete furniture to work, L shaped desk will be better. You will have a desk for your computer or laptop and extra desk that you can utilize for the printer or some things else.

Some Possibilities in Adding L Shaped Desk

It is unquestionable that in general, L shaped desk is usually added at the corner. It will be more amazing if it is added in a home office corner with ample window. Custom l shaped desk home office is then designed with certain measurement adapting to the architecture design. One side of the desk will be right under the window frame. Indeed, most desks in l shaped structure are designed for a corner use, but what if it is located in the middle of the home office space?

It is also possible to add the L shaped desk in the middle of the room. It happens in some spacious offices because the L shaped structure seems to take more space and will be a problem for a small office. You can have one side of the desk as your computer desk where you deal with all of your works and the other side of the desk as a receptionist desk where can meet a colleague.

Besides the possibilities of where L shaped desk is placed, there are also some possibilities in the design. Of course, there are a lot of designs and they must be based on how the owner uses it. Different needs will result different design. If one does not have too many files to keep, a simple flat desk without storage can be the right solution. Completed with some drawers under the desk, one will be able to store some stuff and this design helps them with easy to clean look.

There is also a complete L shaped desk design. It is with additional hutch. L shaped computer desk with hutch is designed to meet the needs of a worker with lots of files and papers to be kept. Extra hutch or storage is featured above the computer monitor. It can be in open and closed design. The combination of a closed cabinet and open shelving will be also interesting.

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