Best Full Size Loft Bed with Desk and Dresser Designed for Adults

Loft bed is not always designed for teenagers, because there are also some full size loft bed with desk outcomes that are purposed for adults. The difference between teenage and adult loft bed is that how it accommodates the owner. For teenagers, the bed is designed to accommodate two owners. On the other hand, for adults, it is designed for only one owner. It offers effectiveness of bedroom furnishing and really applicable for small adults’ room.

Common Designs of Full Size Loft Bed with Desk

In general, the bed design is with smart structure of bedding at the upper part and built in desk under the bedding. Full size loft bed with desk adults should be added in a bedroom with higher ceiling so that they will have no problems with too short ceiling from the bed when they wake up and sit on the bed. In addition, the bed safety is also an important issue. The full size loft bed with desk should also be featured with a fence. This feature with creative design will also improve the look.

Different from full size loft bed with desk for kids which only needs a simple desk for study, adults will need more than that. They may need extra storage so that the desk is not a simple wooden plank mounted on the wall unless they expect a minimalist touch. Busy adults will need storage under the desk which can be drawers or shelves. Even, they also need some additional wall shelves to keep more files.

Lighting is another important feature for the desk area. It may be dark enough because the bed over it disturbs the lighting. That is why the desk area should also be featured with some lights. Commonly, the lights are installed under the bed or on the wall. Soft lighting is better for full size loft bed with desk because it makes them feel comfortable in dealing with some of your jobs under the bed.

Another more feature that is usually needed to complete full size loft bed with desk is dresser. Dresser offers an easy space to keep their clothes and some other stuff. It will be needed if there is no closet available. Indeed, for more effective function, some designers offer their products of full size loft bed with desk and dresser. Each of the features or elements is well designed and structured so that this complete furniture does not take more space.

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