kitchen island table with storage

kitchen island table with storage

Every room in our home has one element that grabs lots of attention. In the living room, we have sofa; in the bedroom, we have bed and in the kitchen we have island. Kitchen island is where we keep some appliances and work with some food and beverage preparation. Sometimes, it is also required to have kitchen island table when entertaining is also served there. In addition, kitchen island should be in its best design because it clearly defines the kitchen interior. The concept design of the kitchen island table is the combination between island and dining table. Island is usually featured with some appliances, such as sink and cooktop. That is why it can’t be directly functioned as dining. We need to make an extension for the extra table. It will be different if the cooktop and sink are installed on the kitchen cabinet. Then, without adding a table extension, we can employ some chairs nearby the island and build a casual dining.

Kitchen Island Table Designs

There are at least three different kitchen island designs with table extension. To build a simple kitchen island table, we need only extra space or countertop. Then, some chairs are employed and added under the extended countertop. The island and the extended top are in a flat surface with the same height. This combination may be designed in simple straight rectangular design. For more stylish look, it can create a T-shaped or L-shaped layout. There is also another idea of extending the top with different height. It more clearly defines the part of the island and for the dining table. Higher table usually require higher seating units, stools. This type of kitchen island table is commonly applied for traditional kitchen. To make a different statement, there are also some examples of kitchen island table with chairs with lower table extension. Chairs in ordinary height measurement are good to complete this lower table. Simple bench can also be added to match the table and other chairs. Most of the above kitchen island table is in rectangle shape design. Indeed, it is easier to work with square or rectangular shaped furniture. For more challenging and priding look, combining rectangular kitchen island with curved table extension will be a nice idea. Similar to the rectangular table, this table can be set in a flat surface, higher or lower than the island. It is commonly applied for traditional design and seems to be not appropriate for modern design.

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