Maybe, you are not familiar with the Coleman fuel. Coleman fuel was called white gas. It is the liquid petroleum fuel. Usually, it is used to fuel lanterns and camping stove. Coleman Stove has Coleman fuel that is the mixture of nonane, heptanes, cyclohexane, pentane, and octane. Similar to gasoline, it has an octane rating […]

Who does not need portable stove when planning to go camping or backpacking? It is a cooking stove that is especially designed to be lightweight and portable. It is usually used by people who is remote and moves from one place to another, or while they are camping, backpacking, or on a picnic. This kind […]

If you have chimney, you must be familiar with stove pipe. It is the pipe that takes the gases and the smokes from a stove up through the roof of to chimney. It is also known as flue pipe, chimney connector, or smoke pipe. When you are to have stove pipe installation, you have to […]

Before knowing wood cook stove and before the technology improved cooking stove, in the past, people used firewood to cook their meals. It had been used by mankind as a fuel in helping them to cook. It has some advantages like renewable and easy to produce, to store and to transport. Firewood can cook without […]