makeup vanity table for bathroom

makeup vanity table for bathroom

Hi girls! You must want to appear better than any of your friend. However, it will be a problem if you do not have a makeup vanity table in your room. This piece of furniture should be a must for you. You can add it on the perch of your bed. Besides, you need to select the best vanity design for more impressive look. It is generally offered in a set completed with seating unit and mirror.

Ideas of Makeup Vanity Table

Makeup vanity table is not always added in bedroom. If you do not want to bother your bedroom interior style by adding more stuff, you can add your makeup dressing table in your bathroom. But it will be a difficult task if you have a small bathroom. Next to your bathroom vanity with mirror, you can add a simple desk without storage. Without storage design is important because you have enough space under the desk to locate the chair. Then, small mirror should be added on the desk. It is the simplest idea of makeup table with only a chair, table, and mirror. There are also some other simple ideas that you can apply. You will have multifunction table if you have a table with drawer located next to the headboard of the bed. Yes, you are able to use this furniture for both makeup vanity table and side table. You can display a table lamp and complete the table with wall mirror above it. Another simple yet interesting idea is you need to have a huge mirror that stands on floor and leans on the wall. Simply add a table and chair in front of it. Chrome finishing for the mirror frame and table will be great. Then, accent chair will complete the design. Indeed, you can play with some colors for the furniture finishing. However, it is a good idea to have your makeup vanity table in white. A pure white hand painted table will look nice to meet white paneled wall with wallpaper above it. What a perfect vintage design! Another interesting idea to make the table look impressive is by installing mirror on the table surface. Mirrored table is timeless. It is suitable for both classic and modern interior. There are some positions that are good to place your makeup vanity table furniture in your bedroom. As usual, it can be located beside the bed. As mentioned previously, makeup vanity table can be also positioned next to the headboard. Another interesting idea to put this stuff is on the wall with ample window. Add the table there and set the chair to face the outside view.

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