Firewood before Cooking with Wood Cook Stove

Before knowing wood cook stove and before the technology improved cooking stove, in the past, people used firewood to cook their meals. It had been used by mankind as a fuel in helping them to cook. It has some advantages like renewable and easy to produce, to store and to transport. Firewood can cook without the presence of a stove. Even nowadays you still find many people having camp activity and they use campfire to cook, to conduct and event, or to warm them. It is different from wood fire cook stove, and what are the differences?

Firewood has some disadvantages compared to wood cook stove. The first weakness is that it has smoke, of course. This unburned fuel practices in the air tends to be incomplete in an open fire because oxygen cannot reach where it is needed. It also triggers low temperature to the unburned particles’ emission. It is also dealing with the health of the people who eat the cooking cooked in firewood. The cook can easily catch the flames because it is not shielded and directed. You must know that the smoke might cause eye infection.

The next disadvantage is that it uses high fuel consumption. For example, it can direct large proportion of the heat to the cooking pot and it also does not generate the heat per unit of fuel. The small fraction of the heat directed to the pot and can be transferred to the food. Then the last disadvantage of firewood compared to wood cook stove is that when the food is cooked in the cooking pot, it does not sit in the hottest part of the flames it produces. The heat does not go to the cooking pot, but it spreads to the environment and it can cause health risks because of the smoke.

Because of that, people now turn into other cook stove. Then, what are the advantages? Of course, wood cook stove can save energy and it has ability to cook better and make the cooked food much better. The food tastes natural and it feels like it has distinct flavor. Though it is large and requires more space in the kitchen, they are better in design. Even, you can own antique wood cook stove since it has unique and better appearance.

Wood cook stove is durable. Why? It is because it is made of high quality of cast iron. As we know that cast iron can withstand the heat that is produced by fire, it will not show external signs of tear and wear. This cook stove can be a good choice for you who want to have high quality stove to cook the dishes.

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