Working at home either to finish your work from the office or you are working and getting income from home, you need the right desk and chair to work. For the desk, you need it in the right height, proper comfort, sufficient size and versatile. The common issue is usually about the space of the […]

Your home office is your personal office. Therefore, you can build this office as what you really want starting from the interior design and decoration to the furniture set that you need like desk and table. You want your home office more comfortable, right? Then you need to have the right desk and chair that […]

Exercise is a must activity to keep your body slim, fit, and healthy. Exercise is needed for everyone. And there are so many levels depend on what you need. You can burn more calories, lose more fats, build or shape your body and more. You just need to do the exercise rightly and sure it […]

For you who still want to go wrong but in old-fashioned way at the April fool’s day or at any time you want to do a prank with your friend or other family member, whoopee cushion still works very nicely. Sometimes, you don’t need to be too serious and let you smile and laugh without […]

Tiles come with many wonderful decorations, colors, and arts. It seems, any home interior design and decoration you have, you will find the best tile that can enhance it and make it more amazing. If you love tile with artistic, dramatic, and exotic appearance, your choice is Moroccan tile. This tile is so wonderful and […]

Tile has its own accents and has distinctive expressions compared with other home flooring and wall components. Tile works very well with any home interior design and decoration as there are so many options available in the market. And it is not only for your home but also for your pool. Pool tile also comes […]

Tiles for your home are just like cabinet for your kitchen. Tiles are really important parts for enhancing your home interior design. You will use them for your home flooring, kitchen backsplash, bathroom flooring, or pool. Tiles come in various patterns, colors, and details. Here, you will see there are also artistic and dramatic collections […]

Tile is an amazing component in the home improvement. You will find it works for your home flooring, kitchen backsplash, or even to the bathroom flooring and wall. Tile, with its size and lines, creates something dramatic to the room where the tiles are installed. Surely, it is because of the material of the tile. […]