table decor and more

table decor and more

This frequently happens when you have no plan to welcome your family or friends who directly come to your home. “Hi! I’m on the way to your home.” You may be surprised to hear this call. Then you need to prepare some foods and beverages and to do short time table centerpieces. Dining table centerpieces are important to give a good impression to your guests. In the moments when you do not have long time to design the centerpieces, here are some 5 minute centerpiece ideas to apply.

5 Minute Ideas of Table Centerpieces

The first simple idea of table centerpieces is presenting some written messages to someone. You should prepare some papers and cut it two some 6 inches paper pieces. Add some writings on those strips. Finally, twist them around a pen so that they appear in beautiful curls and place them on a bowl. If you already have some blossoms, you can also display them on a bowl. Roses, hydrangeas and peonies will be great for a beautiful dining room table centerpieces décor. In addition, you can also play with some fruits if you do not have any blossoms. You need Granny Smiths put in some large glass vases with water. Make sure that the vases are clear and transparent. This whimsical idea is perfect for simple table centerpieces. Lollipop is a good stuff to be displayed on the table. You can have some colorful lollipops put in a glass or a painted bouquet. The colorful touch will improve the look of pure white dining table. When you have chic flowers but you do not have any more vases, you can use some cabbages. You can simply thrust the flower stem on the cabbages. To make the cabbages stand, you can cut the bottom part for a flat surface so that you can easily add this on the table. If you have some meals to serve, you can wrap them by using foil. Then, you can improve the visual look of table centerpieces by adding the wrapped meals in a large glass vase and display it on the table. Twisting some items can be a great choice to take. You can make some nuts work with lemons. Then, leaves can be also displayed for more stunning look. Place these items in a clear glass bowl. For the beverages, you can also display some colorful cocktails on a chrome tray. This will create a nice decoration for white or any table covered with white cloth. The last idea of table centerpieces is displaying colorful paper pom poms in a white vase or bowl.

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