Stylish C Table Offering Some Functions at Once

There are a lot of table designs that you can find in the market. But if you want to strengthen the design and openness look, C table will be the most appropriate option. This table has special C shaped design and generally designed without shelving and drawer. You will have a table top, table leg and table foot. The design is simple but there are some advancements of this C shape. Besides, this simple table furniture also has varied functions. Here are some ideas for clearer sight.

The first stunning c table design is the DIY table. You can simply build this. What you need is just some sticks of pipes, i.e. two long pipes and eight short pipes. The long pipes are used for the table leg. At the ends, they are connected with short pipes. Then, you need to use the remaining pipes for the table foot and table top support. You need to complete it with wood or glass top. For more interesting look, you can also paint the pipes.

Another interesting design of c table is the adjustable c table. The design is similar that it also has a table top, leg, and foot. Its special feature is that it has adjustable leg. It means that you can set in which height you will use the table. Some of this table is completed with more features. Wheels are installed at the table foot so that it is portable. You can drag it to any spot that you want. If you love reading, for example, you can put your books on the table and move the table to the sofa, chair with recliner or lounge chair. The table can be height adjusted so that it will match the sofa, chair and lounge easily.

There are some other stylish c table designs actually. If you pay attention to the designs, the main different will be on the table top. You can play with some different colors, shapes and materials. It can be in simple rectangle, rounded, oval, L-shaped etc. designs. The top can be also made of wood, glass, ceramic and some other materials. The design is also varied in the number of legs that are employed to support the top. There will be two main legs and some other additional legs are to improve the style.

The other surprising benefit of employing c shaped table is that you can use this furniture for some functions. At once, you can have a side table, nightstand, overbed table or container store. If the c table is not featured with wheels, it is good to be a side table or nightstand. However, if it is designed in portable style, it will be better to be overbed table or container store.

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