patio table with umbrella

patio table with umbrella

From the appearance, patio table can be similar to any other indoor table. It can have any shape design and any coloring. The main difference is on the material. As it is purposed for the outdoor furnishing, the material should be weather resistant. Some experts may recommend homeowners to have outdoor furniture made of hardwood, metal, concrete and aluminum. They have good endurance to get direct sunlight, snows and rains.

Patio Table Designs

Talking about patio table designs, they are varied and shape designs. Most of tables are in rectangular shape. However, there are also some tables designed in square, rounded, and oval shapes. It is important to pay attention to the shape design of the table because eyes will directly catch the table than the chairs. Besides the shape, the leg design of the table will also determine the entire look. It can be with a single, double, or four legs. The design can also be differentiated by the style. The traditional style patio table commonly has detail ornaments. They can be on the top of the table or can be also for the legs. On the other hand, the modern style table is with sleek and flawless design. It represents simplicity and clean look. A creative design of patio table and chairs is with rounded table and curved banquettes. When they are gathered, the banquettes seats are hidden under the table top so that they create a simple rounded object. For more comfortable outdoor gathering, some patio table designs are completed with some features, such as fire pit and umbrella. For the winter, it is good to have a rounded patio table with fire pit. The fire makes the outdoor time more enlivening as people come surrounding the table to get warmer vibe. For the summer, table with hole in the center to support umbrella is better. Umbrella or also known as parasol will avoid the owners from direct sunlight. Sometimes, the umbrella is completed with decorative lights. At evening, they present stunning exterior decoration. Another interesting idea of outdoor table design is with planter. A rectangular table with small rectangle for planter will be supportive for bold natural look. Flowers can be added there decorating the table. It is a good idea for spring. Then, the last surprising design of patio table is the foldable table. The design offers more practical use. It is suitable for small patio. With this foldable design, the table will not take more space when it is not use.

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