Why You Need to Take Some Treadmill Desk Benefits

Are you a person with sedentary lifestyle? If so, you must spend all of your time at the office by sitting on your chair and working with your computer. It is dangerous because it is so risky. Some researches show that one with this lifestyle has higher risk of some diseases such as heart and diabetes. The more surprising is that they also have lower life expectancy. So, what do you need to do? Consider treadmill desk because it may be very helpful.

Treadmill desk is special computer desk which is designed with a treadmill under it so that the user will have two activities at once, walking and working. This desk is also known as treadmill workstation and walking desk. Thus, one will not only spend their times on their seat but also spend their times while doing a simple exercise. Even, some creative persons build their own DIY desk above their treadmill.

Benefits of Using Treadmill Desk

You must plan for some exercises but you only have limited time and do not take some exercises. You may think that it is better for you to take a rest while keeping more energy for the next days’ works. It is okay now, but it actually amasses some problems. You need to understand that, according to James Levine’s study, workers who do some tasks while taking an exercise on a treadmill will burn around 100 to 130 calories per hour when the speed is set slower than 2 miles/hour. So, why don’t you try to consider treadmill desk?

Another study by Mayo Clinic reported that energy expenditure of someone doing working while walking could increase up to 100 cal/h. It will be really beneficial for any workers with obesity. Don’t you want to decrease your weight? Another research dealing with the use of treadmill desk done by Levine and associates found that the participants lost their weight in average 1.4 ± 3.3 kg. You need also understand that prolonged sitting will cause higher risk of obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and earlier death. Are you ready and brave enough for them?

Of course, there are some ideas about safety specifications and how to use treadmill desk that you need to also see. Walking on the treadmill should be less than two miles/h. The desk must be designed based on ergonomic safety standards. Some safety features such as safety key, movement indicator, etc. should also be included.

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